Vandenburg: This art museum is not adhering to its purpose. Its founders intended it to devote as much attention to ...

tomgbean on November 6, 2019


Is C incorrect because it was already stated in the passage and does not add value to the argument? I also struggled between C and A and chose C because I couldn't decide which was better.

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SamA on November 6, 2019

Hello @tomgbean,

Let's get to the heart of the disagreement.

Vandenburg argues that the purpose of the museum is to follow the intention of the founders.

Simpson argues that the beliefs of the curators should govern the museum.

In this instance, the intentions of the founders and the beliefs of the curators are at odds. We need a principle that justifies Simpson's argument.

The problem with C is that it doesn't justify the response to Vandenberg. Vandenberg never argues that the museum's purpose is to collect every style of every period. Rather, the purpose is the intention of the founders. This is the part with which Simpson disagrees. A justifies Simpson, because it shows that the contemporary art collection is justifiably small. The beliefs of the curators should govern the museum.

tomgbean on November 7, 2019

Got it. Thanks for the response.