Travel industry consultant: Several airlines are increasing elbow room and leg room in business class, because survey...

on November 6, 2019

D v E

What's the difference between D and E?

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Irina on November 6, 2019


The consultant argues that airlines should focus on leisure versus business travelers because leisure travelers purchase 80% of the tickets.

(D) weakens the argument because it demonstrates that even though most tickets are sold to leisure travelers, business travelers purchase more expensive seats/ tickets, hence a far greater proportion of revenues is derived from business travelers even though the ticket volume is lower.

(E) is irrelevant because this fact alone has no impact on the validity of the conclusion. Even if leisure travelers buy discounted fares, perhaps so do business travelers. Or perhaps, even at discounted prices, tickets purchased by leisure travelers account for most of the revenue. Since (E) fails to address the distinction between leisure v. business travelers, it is irrelevant.

Let me know if this makes sense and if you have any further questions.