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Devin on November 6 at 06:59PM

Spotting the difference between strengthen w/ sufficient vs necessary

Is there a quick and fail safe way of distingushing when it is a strengthen with necessary premise vs strengthen with sufficient premise?

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Skylar on November 7 at 09:13PM

@devinkramer Thanks for your question.

I found that being aware of common question stems for each category was helpful in distinguishing between the two. Here is a list that you may benefit from familiarizing yourself with.

Strengthen with Necessary Premise:
- The argument depends on assuming which of the following?
- Which is an assumption the argument requires in order for the conclusion to be properly drawn?
- The argument assumes which of the following?

Strengthen with Sufficient Premise:
- The conclusion is properly drawn if the argument assumes which of the following?
- The conclusion follows logically if which is assumed?
- Which of the following, if true, enables the conclusion to be properly drawn?

Does this help? Let us know if you have additional questions!

Devin on November 7 at 10:11PM

That does help thank you!!