The coach of the Eagles used a computer analysis to determine the best combinations of players for games. The analysi...

Meredith on November 6, 2019

Why D

Why is D correct but E is incorrect?

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Skylar on November 7, 2019

@Meredith Happy to help!

(E) is incorrect because the argument in the passage does not draw a conclusion about the value of computer analyses. Instead, it draws a conclusion about a player that will ensure future success. If the passage instead made a statement to the effect of "this shows that computer analyses are useless and unable to provide information beyond what can be observed," then (E) may be considered correct. However, in its current form (E) only uses the results of the computer analysis to come to a non-computer related conclusion.

(D) is correct because the argument in the passage takes the fact that the team only lost when Jennifer was gone to mean that the team will never lose in the future when Jennifer is there. It does not provide any proof to show that this is a valid presumption and not just a coincidence, so (D) provides a logical criticism.

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