The author of the passage would most likely agree with which one of the following statements?

maonuo on November 9, 2019

please explain?

please explain?

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BenMingov on November 12, 2019

Hi Maonuo, thanks for the question!

We are looking for the answer choice that the author would most likely agree with.

Answer choice D says that "audiences learn to accept certain cinematic images as conventions primarily through repeated exposure to such images" This is supported by lines 53-58.

We need to be careful, however, with using Bordwell's viewpoints to answer this question. We are specifically concerned with what the author would most likely agree with, not Bordwell.

Hope this helps!

kens on January 15, 2021

I was thrown off by the term "repeated exposure." Where can we draw this in line 53-58? Thanks in advance!

kristinsmith04 on June 17, 2021

I am having similar difficulty with the concept of repeated exposure

Max on June 17, 2021

Hi Kristin and Kenji,

Line 56 notes that audiences "eventually come to accept ... conventions...", this suggests that it takes more than one instance of viewing a particular image to accept it as convention. Thus, repeated viewings.

Be careful with the wording of certain answer choices on the LSAT in general. "Repeated Exposure" sounds pretty extreme, but it could also refer to someone being exposed to something 2-3 times.

I hope this helps!