It can be inferred that the author of passage B would regard which one of the following as a mistaken assumption unde...

Meredith on November 10, 2019

Why not B

What's wrong with B?

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Ben on November 11, 2019

Hi Meredith, thanks for the question!

Answer choice B is incorrect because the author of passage A never said that any/every action performed by early humans was to promote their genes' propagation. Did the author of passage A say that early humans never had fun or did something that wasn't required for passing on their genes? No, this would be going too far.

Answer choice C is correct because the author of passage B does in fact disagree that simply because a reason can explain a behaviour (e.g. passing on genes can explain altruism), doesn't make it so. Perhaps we can be altruistic, just because we care about others!

Hope this helps!