With which one of the following statements would both Rawls and the author of the passage be most likely to agree?

ksosen13 on November 11, 2019

Correct answer

Might you be able to show how we could find contextual evidence for the correct answer?

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SamA on November 11, 2019

Hello @ksosen13,

Let's focus on the first paragraph. John Rawls is against utilitarianism, the goal of which is to achieve satisfaction for the greatest number of people. As the author says, "the theory has some odd consequences." This is where the author introduces the angry mob example. This is such a situation as referenced by answer choice A. The author would agree that, in this case, the needs of the innocent man overrule the wishes of the mob.

We have evidence that Rawls would also agree. See his complaint about utilitarianism on line 14.