A large company has been convicted of engaging in monopolistic practices. The penalty imposed on the company will pro...

nivensdc on November 14, 2019

Can you explain why C is not the answer?

Can you explain why C is not the answer?

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Skylar on November 14, 2019

@nivensdc Happy to help!

(C) is incorrect because it only deals with a limited part of the passage, not the overall conclusion. The whole second half of the passage is about how the trial was worthwhile, and this is key to the point that the passage is trying to make. When identifying conclusions, I find it helpful to take a step back and ask myself which parts of the passage support which other parts. In this case, the trial being worthwhile (the second half of the passage) does not support the second sentence about the penalty being ineffective, so the second sentence is not the overall conclusion.

Does that help? Let us know if you have any additional questions!