It can be inferred that the authors of the two passages would be most likely to agree on which one of the following s...

CHLee on November 14, 2019

Answer choice E

Can someone please help why the word 'BEST' works with the answer choice?? I would have chosen E easily if it had 'better' or 'more efficient' rather than 'best' in it. I couldn't conclude that both authors think it's the BEST way.

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Ravi on November 14, 2019


Let's take a look.

You're right that 'more efficient' would have been a better choice of
words. However, the correct answer choice does not have to be 100%
provable; rather, we just need the answer choice to be the one that
both authors would most likely support.

While (E) does require an inference, it is still the most reasonable
one that we can make. Which answer choice did you choose instead of
(E)? This is also why it is helpful to definitively eliminate wrong
answer choices. Sometimes, the wording on the correct answer may not
be something we love, but it's still far superior when compared to the
other answer choices.

Let us know which of the other answers you liked, and we can discuss
why those ones are definitively incorrect.