The passage suggests which one of the following about the behavior of A. aperta in conflict situations?

Meredith on November 14, 2019

Choice a

Why not A?

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Skylar on November 14, 2019

@Meredith Happy to help!

(A) is incorrect because of the word "primarily."

In lines 47-50, we are told that "such factors as the size of the opponents, the potential rate of predation in a habitat, and the probability of winning a subsequent site if the dispute is lost will all affect...behavior" in addition to different levels of competition for sites. This is reinforced in lines 20-23, which states that "variations in conflict behavior...may result from varying conditions, such as differences in size, age, and experience of combatants." We do not have enough information to conclude that different levels of competition for suitable sites in different habitats is more of a primary reason for A. aperta to exhibit variations in fighting behavior from contest to contest in conflict situations than are any of the other reasons presented.

Does that make sense? Let us know if you have any additional questions and best of luck with your studies!