Which one of the following, if true, would lend the most support to the view that the LHB was limited to Earth and th...

Meredith on November 14, 2019

Why not D?

Why is A better than D?


Ben on November 14, 2019

Hi Meredith, thanks for the question!

The issue with answer choice D is that just because one piece of evidence (in this case, a single rock) was found to be from the Moon rather than Mars, does not mean that Mars was not affected by the late heavy bombardment. It only means that this single piece of evidence would not prove this. The falsity of one piece of evidence does not disprove a position.

On the other hand, answer choice A does in fact basically rule out Mars being affected by the LHB. This would strengthen the theory that this event was experienced only by the Earth and the Moon.

Hope this helps!

Kenji on December 25, 2020

I can see why A is a better choice, but how would lack of evidence disprove a position? Thanks in advance