Carla: Professors at public universities should receive paid leaves of absence to allow them to engage in research. ...

on November 19, 2019

Why A?

I understand that it cannot be other answer choices, but to me it seems like it cannot be A either considering that he does not ignore Carla's statement - he does acknowledge that having professors take paid leaves will help them conduct research and ultimately be beneficial. How the. Did he ignore her response?

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Irina on November 19, 2019


(A) is correct because David does ignore the second part of Carla's remarks. Carla argues that professors should get a paid leave of absence because (a) research advances human knowledge; (B) it improves professors' teaching. David acknowledges the first part of her argument - even if you are right [that research advances human knowledge], but asks why should our resources be devoted to support professors to take time off from teaching? Carla would say because this time off would improve their teaching - the second part of her argument.