Which one of the following statements could be true?

on November 23, 2019


I got 93% of the questions correct with little help from the video explanations, but once again I am very concerned about timing. It took me well over 10 minutes to do each problem and I take the lsat in January. Is it normal to take this long starting out and what can I do to improve?


Skylar on November 23, 2019

@Kaitlyn, happy to help!

It is quite normal to be concerned about timing on Logic Games sections, especially as you're starting out. It's encouraging that you're able to get most of the questions correct though, as this shows that you have an understanding of the content.

You should aim to complete each game in 8 minutes and 45 seconds. We recommend students keep track of their progress by writing how long each game took them to complete at the top of that game. If you were unable to complete the game in 8 minutes and 45 seconds or did not get each question right, we recommend putting that game into a pile and redoing each game in that pile again and again until you can complete it accurately within the allotted time. Since LSAT Logic Games use the same underlying patterns, redoing games is a good way to practice and should help familiarize you with the logic used in the section. Therefore, my advice would be to complete all of the lessons and then practice, practice, practice!

If there's a specific type of game you notice you are struggling more with, you should review the lesson for that section. The video for "Intro to Games," may also be helpful for you to review, as it briefly discusses timing and practicing games repeatedly. Additionally, you may be interested in tuning into our LSAT Logic Games Office Hours.

Lastly, I would encourage you not to shortcut setting up each game. Although it may feel unnatural to spend a significant portion of your 8 minutes and 45 seconds on creating a game setup and interpreting the rules before even proceeding to the questions, this will ultimately save you time as you go through the questions. Our video lessons talk about this in more detail, especially with GURU games.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any additional questions and best of luck with your studies!

on June 22, 2020

Is there any way we can clear our answers to just the logic games we are having trouble with? I'm trying to do all of the ones I don't understand or didn't do in time again, but I'm having trouble knowing if I actually understand them when the answers are in front of me!

Ben on June 28, 2020

Hi, thanks for reaching out.

I am honestly not sure if there is currently any way to clear the answers for only logic games. I believe clearing answers is an all or none deal as of now.

However, I may be wrong and your question would be better directed to our support staff. You can reach them by tapping "support" from the left menu or by calling 855.483.7862 ext. 2 Monday-Friday 9am-6pm PT.

Best of luck with the rest of your studies!