At the request of Grove Park residents, speed bumps were installed on all streets in their neighborhood. However, alt...

on November 27 at 08:43AM

Clarification between D and E

Based on the previous threads, I understand why E is the right answer. But I am still confused how D is wrong because isn't the arguer saying that the residents installed the speed bumps to stop the noise and congestion caused by traffic? So isn't that assuming that residents are trying to restrict the traffic? Thank you

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Irina on November 27 at 06:03PM


(D) is incorrect because the argument never assumes that the residents should have the RIGHT to restrict traffic in their neighborhood that is not a private community, quite the opposite. The argument claims that the residents should have no such right, and all drivers should have the right to use the streets whenever they please.

Ben on November 27 at 06:09PM

Hi Thom, thanks for the question!

The argument is saying that the solution is unfair, with the reasons being that the neighbourhood is not a private community, streets were built using public funds, and all drivers should be allowed to use the roads as they please.

We are trying to find a flaw in the argument and answer choice D is saying that the argument contains the assumption that these residents should have the right to restrict traffic in their neighbourhood. The stimulus actually implies the very opposite of this, that these residents should not have this right. That's why it isn't the flaw. It does not apply to what happened in the argument.

While you are right that the residents are trying to restrict the traffic, it does not mean that the argument assumes they should have this right. In fact, it is saying this is unjust.

I hope this helped, please let me know if you have any questions!

on May 27 at 05:01AM

Can someone please explain to me how E is the right answer? I looked through the previous threads, but they only focus on why the other answers are wrong? Thank you!

on June 3 at 02:40AM

Why is E the right answer?