The Magno-Blanket is probably able to relieve arthritic pain in older dogs. A hospital study of people suffering from...

lerondagates on December 2, 2019

Why I chose E.

Is my line of thinking okay here? If not, please let me know a better way to approach this. Thanks in advance. I chose E bc I thought it showed no cause, no effect. I figured that, to strengthen the cause and effect argument, if we remove the cause (the blanket) and show no effect (no reduced pain), that would strengthen that the blanket does in fact work. The placebo does not give the same effect as the blanket would in this case.

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Irina on December 2, 2019


Yes, your thinking makes perfect sense. By demonstrating that no cause-effect was observed with placebo, (E) strengthens the cause-effect relationship advanced in the argument.

lerondagates on December 2, 2019

Thank you.