Company president: Whenever you subcontract the manufacturing of a product, you lose some control over the quality of...

lerondagates on December 2, 2019

Why not C?

How can we eliminate C? Thanks!

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Irina on December 2, 2019


The issue with (C) is that it is not supported by information in the stimulus. The company president says that whenever you subcontract the product, you lose some control over the quality.

subcontract - > lose control

Their company subcontracts, but only with companies that maintain complete control over the quality of the product.

Well, according to the first premise, the only way to maintain complete control is not to subcontract.

~ lose control -> ~ subcontract.

Hence we can infer that subcontractors with whom the company works do not subcontract their manufacturing (A).

(C) says the company president insists on having as much control as possible. If this were true, the company would not subcontract their manufacturing at all as subcontracting necessarily involves losing some control. (C) therefore contradicts the information in the stimulus.

Let me know if this makes sense and if you have any other questions.

lerondagates on December 2, 2019

I see it now. His having full control would mean no subcontracting at all. I read the stimulus incorrectly. Thanks for the clarification!