Which one of the following could be the sequence of the meetings Garibaldi has with the dignitaries?

DrKumar on December 3, 2019

Question about setup...

What is the fastest way to determine if a game is worth framing scenarios or just going right into the questions?

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Irina on December 3, 2019


It is ultimately a combination of experience with various game types and an ability to tell how restrictive the rules are. The more restrictive the rules are, the more likely you are to sketch out all the possible scenarios from the start as opposed to an open ended game that only has conditional rules, for example - If X is ..then Y is.. . Just looking at this game, the first two rules sound somewhat restrictive to me and are likely to yield some inferences - there are 7 meetings total and 3 of them are with F and none of the F meetings are in a row. The third rule also tells me that there needs to be at least one open two-space slot for TS so this combination _F_F_F_ is impossible. This tells me that F must be either first or last or both, but these rules are insufficient to completely determine the order of the meetings so aside from these initial deductions, I would not spend time sketching out any of the specific scenarios and go straight to the questions.

F _ _ _ _ _ _
_ _ _ _ _ _ F
F _ _ _ _ _ F


_. _ _ _ _ _ _
~M. ~T
~S. ~M

DrKumar on December 3, 2019

Thanks! I guess I'm just going to have to keep drilling these games until deciding on one of these two methods becomes second nature...

Irina on December 4, 2019


I wish there was a fast and easy method, but logic games are all about practice. On the plus side, at some point it does get a lot easier and you can even do simple games without any diagramming - not that I recommend it on a real test.