Government statistics show that the real (adjusted for inflation) average income for families has risen over the last...

tomgbean on December 4, 2019


Why doesn't B work? the passage first talks about real average income as the income adjusted for inflation. Then, in relation to the Anderson family, it only talks about its' average income, not its' real average income.

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BenMingov on December 4, 2019

Hi Tomgbean, thanks for the question!

The entire argument is actually based around real income figures. I believe, in this case, it might be possible that you were overly vigilant for them switching terms up on you.

I would focus on what is more obviously an issue when we consider this argument using common sense. Just because the average income went up and this year the Anderson family income is average, it does not mean that the Anderson family income followed the same trend as the average income. For all we know they could have been making tens on millions per year and then their business collapsed and now they are making an average income. Far off example, I understand, but the point is that we cannot conclude what their income was in the past as a result of knowing their income now.

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any other questions.