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Arthur-Guerra on December 10, 2019

On Game number 1 Questions 1-7--Question 4

Question 4 states "If P is played fifth, L must be played" I do not think the guide said anything about linking it to question 1, where P is in the 5th slot. I looked at that question and saw P in the 5th spot and saw L was in the 3rd slot and deduced that C is the correct answer. Is that how you draw deductions from previous questions, or did I get lucky?

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Irina on December 11, 2019


Definitely, logic games questions often use information from previous questions, and you can definitely take advantage of scenarios/ setups for previous questions as you have done here. That is why I recommend drawing a hypothetical scenario next to each question if needed instead of erasing prior work.

Good luck with your studies.