Based on the passage, the author would be most likely to agree with which one of the following statements regarding c...

tomgbean on December 11, 2019


I didn't choose C because I thought it was not specific enough. Why couldn't B work?

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BenMingov on December 13, 2019

Hi Tomgbean, thanks for the question.

Answer choice B doesn't work because the answer choice states that "specific enforcement costs the court less to enforce than monetary damages..."

This goes against the passage. In looking at lines 46-48, the passage says that "Even if a court had the resources necessary to ensure that such a contract would be enforced according to its terms, it would often do better to avoid imposing such uncomfortable conditions". This heavily implies that specific enforcement costs more, rather than less, compared to enforcing monetary damages. There would be no savings to consider.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions!