The five neighborhoods visited by the bookmobile, listed in order from Monday through Friday, could be

tomgbean on December 11, 2019

Video Explainations

Can we please get video explanations for games 1 through 4?

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BenMingov on December 12, 2019

Hi Tomgbean, unfortunately there is no video explanation available for this game just yet. But let me try to help you out through here and see if we can clear up any difficulties.

This game is an in/out grouping game with a sequencing component. We are told that we ordering the cities visited from Monday - Friday (this is the sequencing component). We also know that there are 6 cities and only 5 will be visited (this is the in/out component).

Our variables are H, L, N, O, P, S (6 total)

1 variable per day, maximum of one time each (no repeats).

The first rule states that H is visited and that it is not on Friday. In other words it cannot be out, and it must be visited between Monday and Thursday.

The second rule states that if O is visited then it is visited immediately before H. This has some interesting consequences.

We would diagram it:

O - > OH (in a block) What this means is that O cannot be Thursday nor Friday because that would force H in Friday (disallowed) or push it off the board entirely, respectively.
NOT OH (in a block) - > NOT O What this means is that if H is Monday, forcing the impossibility of OH (in a block), then there is no O at all.

The third rule is that if L is visited, then it must be visited on Wednesday. Simple conditional rule. Contrapositive, if L is not on Wednesday, then no L at all.
This means that if any other city is visited Wednesday, L is the city that is not visited.

The final rule states that both N and S are visited. However, they cannot be adjacent. We can create two more not representations of the out group, in addition to the "not H". Namely, "not N" and "not S". This only leaves three cities that could be out (L, O, P).

We also have a crossed out block in that of SN/NS.

All in all, our set up should like a typical in/out game with 5 slots in the in group (Monday-Friday) and 1 slot in the out group.

O cannot be 4 or 5, H cannot be 5.
Only L, O, or P can be out.

I hope this was helpful despite it being through text. If you still need more help with visualizing this game, please don't hesitate to say so!