Which one of the following would, if true, most strengthen the author's position with regard to remedies in employmen...

sprozes on December 12, 2019

Please help me to understand

Please help me to understand why C is the correct answer choice

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BenMingov on December 17, 2019

Hi Sprozes, thanks for the question!

The author of this passage is advocating that monetary damages is preferable to specific performance in cases that can be resolved using money (i.e. a case that isn't revolving around a unique item or sentimental value).

Answer choice C strengthens this position by stating that those violating employment agreements usually do have sufficient means to pay monetary damages. This shows that the position the author takes is totally realistic.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

cglee on October 21, 2022

This question tossed me for a loop. I came back to it this morning. I was looking at A yesterday because it seemed to go along with the passage, however when I re-read the question today I saw how could I strengthen the author's position. I thought being he/she is somewhat against specific enforcement I was able to get rid of A right away and worked my way down the line. C gave me an alternate reason. If the contract employee has resources, then they can pay off the contract employer. This avoids specific enforcement which it appears the author is not cool with....I think you said it a lot simpler than I did....lol but the reasoning is there correct?