Fluoride enters a region's groundwater when rain dissolves fluoride-bearing minerals in the soil. In a recent study, ...

tomgbean on December 14, 2019

question type

I understand this is a must be true question type, but how can we infer it to be an argument completion question? The question stem says (paraphrasing) "which of the following can properly be concluded based on the information from the passage?"

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tomgbean on December 14, 2019

Based on the question stem and the correct answer to this question, it seems like a strengthen question, where we have to make inferences about the the assumption the author has that could lead to his conclusion...Although this passage doesn't seem to have a conclusion, which was part of what was confusing.

Skylar on December 14, 2019

@tomgbean, thanks for your question.

I will point to two indicators that this is an Argument Completion question.

(1) We are asked to identify what "can most reasonably be concluded." The word "concluded" is key here. In other words, the question asks us to draw a conclusion. Since a conclusion completes an argument, we can infer that we are being asked to complete the argument.

(2) The other key here is that the passage presented does not make an argument. It is merely a set of facts. As you note, it does not have a conclusion. Therefore, this could not be a Strengthen question because there is no argument or claim being made for which we could support.

Does that make sense? Please reach out with any other questions and best of luck with your studies!