Which one of the following is most analogous to Dunham's work in anthropology and choreography as that work is descri...

on December 15, 2019

C and D

This question was hard for me. Please explain answers C D and E.


Irina on December 16, 2019


The question asks us which is most analogous to Dunham's work in anthropology and choreography. The passage tells us that Dunham is an African American choreographer who successfully brought traditional dance techniques into the mainstream dance due to ..her training in both anthropological research and choreography (lines 11-16), as well as her distinct approach to research, which diverged radically from the prevailing methodology at that time (lines 31-33) and involved prolonged immersion that allowed her to comprehend the complex cultural practices and learn them well enough to teach them to others (lines 43-48).

Let's compare this description to the answer choices.

(C) A Canadian surgeon uses her skill in drawing to collaborate with a Vietnamese surgeon to develop a manual..

The issue with (C) is that Dunham never collaborated with anyone in her research, in fact, her colleagues advised against the research methods she was using (lines 33-40).

(D) A Brazilian teacher with training in social psychology conducts a detailed study of teaching procedures while working with teachers in several Asian countries, then introduces the most effective of these procedures to teachers in his own country

This description is most analogous to the Dunham's work - an African American choreographer with training in anthropology conducts a detailed study of dance techniques while observing Caribbean dancers, then introducing these dance techniques into modern American dance performances. Remember, "most analogous" is not the same as identical, it just needs to be a better fit than all the other answer choices.

(E) An Italian fashion designer researchers the social significance of clothing design in several cultures and then presents his researcher in a highly acclaimed book directed toward his colleagues in fashion design.

The issue with (E) is that here the designer researches the social significance of clothing design without actually having any training in sociology, and conducts research of design in several cultures, whereas Dunham's work focused on Caribbean dance forms, which is one culture that spanned several countries.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

fady on August 10, 2020

You mentioned that Durham did not collaborate with anyone and then the answer choice mentions working with other teachers in several asian countries.