Which one of the following is a criticism that the author of passage A would be likely to offer regarding the suggest...

Ryan on December 15, 2019

Why is E correct? Why is D incorrect?



Ben on December 17, 2019

Hi Ryan, thanks for the question.

We are trying to identify the answer choice that would correctly express author A's criticism regarding author B's suggestion that juries are justified in nullifying cases because they think the case is too trivial.

Lines 17-18 give the exact reasoning provided in answer choice E. The juries often have insufficient evidence at their disposal to make an informed nullification decision.

Lines 19-20 give one such example. Perhaps the jury is unaware that the defendant has previous encounters with the law that make a seemingly trivial case worthwhile of prosecution.

Answer choice D is incorrect because author A never discussed the expertise of juries.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

on May 16, 2020

Hey! Question, wouldn't lines 22-28 technically be discussing the expertise of the jurors? They are outlining how a legislator's knowledge compares to a juror's? Which is why I also got D and E confused.

on June 9, 2020

^ I have the same question as above