A medical journal used a questionnaire survey to determine whether a particular change in its format would increase i...

baahmed7860 on December 17, 2019

Expiation for C

Hi, could you please explain why C is the correct answer choice? Thanks!

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Victoria on January 9, 2020

Hi @baahmed7860

Thanks for your question!

C is correct because it addresses the concern that the survey may have been unrepresentative of the journal's total readership.

All we know is that the journal sent out a survey and that 62% of those who returned the survey supported the format change. We do not know how many people the survey was sent out to and we don't know what percentage of those surveyed returned the survey.

To illustrate this, if the survey was only sent to 1,000 readers out of the total 10,000 journal readers and the survey only had a 10% return rate, this would mean that only 62 people supported the format change.

Answer choice C negates this concern because it tells us that approximately 62% of the entire potential readership would be supportive of the format change. This supports the journal's decision to implement the new format.

Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any further questions.