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Ryan-Mahabir on December 17, 2019

Why is E correct? Why is B incorrect?


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Lucas on December 20, 2019

diagrammin please. would be nice if the lsat max already had the diagramming shown when struggling with the answer, rather than just asking for it every time

Lucas on December 20, 2019

don't see any some statements in B that's why I went with E and the diagramming lines up more so with E, although I don't think my diagramming is easy to understand, but still go the right answer

Skylar on December 21, 2019

@Ryan-Mahabir and @Lucas, thanks for your questions.

We are currently working on compiling explanations (including diagrams) to show automatically with the correct answer. In the meantime, maybe I can help.

The passage can be diagrammed as:
ES - some - IA
O -> not ES -> not IA

(B) can be diagrammed as:
A - some - 1pg/day AND 1bk/yr
SA -> not 1pg/day
1bk/yr - some - not SA

(E) can be diagrammed as:
S - some -SWA
M -> not S -> not SWA

Both the passage and the correct answer (E) make a some statement and then a chain of S->N statements that include the negation of the variables in the original some statement. Since they each follow this pattern of reasoning, they are most similar. (B) departs from this logic pattern, as it includes an extra variable and ends with a some statement rather than a chain, making it incorrect.

Does this make sense? Please reach out with any other questions!