Which one of the following is explicitly mentioned in passage B but not in passage A?

Ryan on December 17, 2019

Why is E correct? Why is D incorrect?



Shunhe on December 24, 2019

Hi @Ryan-Mahabir,

To first clarify why (E) is correct, we can look at line 60, where the author of passage B references "muscle proteins." No such reference to proteins exists in passage A (if you find one, let me know!).

As for why (D) is incorrect, if we take a look at passage A at line 4, we see the author tell us that "virtually no discussions of it have appeared in scientific publications." This is an explicit mention of the prevalence of scientific discussion about the topic, where the author thinks that this prevalence is basically 0. Hope this helps!

on September 1, 2020

Follow up question Shunhe,

I see where it mentions muscle proteins in passage B, but it does not state that large amounts of protein are necessary. How do we make that jump?

Francisco on September 29, 2020

I also had this question. I was deterred from choosing (E) because it said "large amount" and the passage did not quantify.