Based on the information in the passage, which one of the following is most clearly an example of a court's ordering ...

Ryan-Mahabir on December 17, 2019

Why is B correct? Why is A incorrect?


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Irina on December 23, 2019


The passage tells us that specific performance is most adequate when monetary damages alone could not adequately compensate the party harmed by the breach. In that case, the court could order the contract to be fulfilled according to its terms.

(A) is incorrect because in that case the contract has been nullified, so the court no longer seeks to enforce the original terms of the contract, which would be to publish the manuscript rather than return it to the author. (B) is correct because in that case, the court orders the parties to fulfill their obligations as per the original terms of the contract (it is a bit of a silly example though because, in reality, the court would never order specific performance for a job contract, but you are not supposed to know it for the LSAT)