Which one of the following, if true, would most strengthen Lessing's contention that a painting can display aesthetic...

rpark on December 21, 2019

Please explain answer

where in the passage note the correct answer

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Annie on December 21, 2019

Hi @rpark,

This question is asking you to find the answer choice which “most strengthens” Lessings argument. Thus, it is actually asking you to add new information to the argument, not to find information that is already there. You won’t be able to pinpoint the correct answer choice in the argument.

(A) is incorrect. This answer choice does not relate back to the question as it deals with painters not paintings. Additionally, the fact that some art forgers have done well with original works says that they are able to create works with artistic value, as defined by Lessing. This may actually weaken the argument.

(B) is correct. This directly supports the idea that reproductions are not “art” or “artistic” no matter how beautiful they may be. It is another argument that supports Lessing’s claim.

(C) is incorrect. This does not have to do with the difference between artistic value and aesthetic value. This just says that forgers can create good forgeries.

(D) is incorrect. This is like C in that it is off topic. All this says is that forgers sometimes aren’t good at forgeries. This does not relate to Lessings argument.

(E) is incorrect. This is also off topic and does not relate to the aesthetic v. Artistic argument.