Dried parsley should never be used in cooking, for it is far less tasty and healthful than fresh parsley is.Which one...

Nivens on December 21, 2019

Why not D?

Why D is not answer? Can you explain?


Irina on December 23, 2019


(D) is incorrect because this principle is insufficient to reach the conclusion in the stimulus. The stimulus tells us that dried parsley is less tasty and healthful, it does not mean that it is not tasty and healthful altogether. The correct answer choice needs to establish a principle that would allow us to favor one choice over the other when comparing the two.

Francisco on August 3, 2020


could you please elaborate a bit more on how the principle in (D) is insufficient? When I read the stimulus I did not interpret it as a competition between less tasty/healthful. I did not choose (B) because I felt that it neglected one part that was important to why dried parsley should not be used. (D) would resolve both of these issues. How do I know that I would only need to solve for one of the conditions of dried parsley? Since the stimulus doesn't show that tasty parsley is healthful, how do I know to choose taste over health?

Thank you in advance.