Based on information presented in the passage, with which one of the following statements would the author be most li...

Ava on December 22 at 11:26PM

Answer choice A

Can someone explain why answer choice A is incorrect?

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Irina on December 23 at 03:56AM


(A) is incorrect because FCC was made aware of the broadcasting policies when it first petitioned the FCC for a hearing. The fact that the church subsequently chose to pursue its case in court had no bearing on that fact.

Ava on December 23 at 06:07PM

Thank you for your response. I am having trouble identifying where in the passage you would find evidence for the fact that the FCC was made aware of the broadcasting policies. Would you mind pointing to the lines in the passage that led you to that assertion? Thank you .

Shunhe on January 3 at 12:25AM

Hi @shafieiava,

Take a look at lines 17-29, where it says that the United Church of Christ petitioned the FCC for a hearing about the broadcasting policies of the local television station. If the FCC was petitioned, then clearly, it would have been made aware of those broadcasting policies at that point. And we know that it had to be aware of the broadcasting policies to reject the petition, since it had to read the petition (which had the broadcasting policies) before it could reject the petition. Hope this helps!

Jordan on April 9 at 01:18AM

Hey there. Thanks for your help. I'm struggling to see how the author would necessarily agree with the correct answer, since the court failed to help the UCC on at least their first round of litigation. That would suggest to me that the author would see the court as unreliable. Could you advise on how to arrive at the correct answer?