Which one of the following would the author be most likely to characterize as an example of a misunderstanding of sci...

shafieiava on December 22, 2019

Answer choice A

Can someone explain why answer choice A is wrong? To me it seems that the second sentence of the paragraph on humanist misconceptions of scientists should provide support for answer choice A.

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MACZ on December 24, 2019

I have the same question.

shunhe on January 3, 2020

Hi @shafieiava and @MACZ,

Thanks for the question. (A) states that a humanist might think that science encourages the view that emotions are inexplicable. The sentence you're referring to says that humanists think that scientists are only interested in "bodies in motion" and in laws that govern the material world. But this sentence doesn't entail (A), and the rest of the paragraph describing humanist misconceptions doesn't state (A) either. (A) concerns whether or not emotions can be explained at all. A humanist might still think that a scientist would try to explain emotions via strictly mathematical, physical, and chemical laws. Humanists might think that science can't adequately explain emotions, but that doesn't mean that humanists think that scientists are promoting the view that emotions can't be explained. Hope this helps!