Which one of the following most accurately states the main point of passage B?

Ava on December 22 at 11:42PM

Answer choice B

I see why answer choice A is correct but I'm having a hard time seeing how the main point of the passage doesn't address the critiques of the author, which are the central feature of the second part of passage B. Can someone explain what makes answer choice A better than answer choice B?

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Annie on December 23 at 03:22AM

Hi @shafieiava,

Answer choice (B) is tricky. The main point of the passage is about Cather herself and her work, not the commentators. The commentators are discussed in order to explain why her critics are wrong and to explain more about her work. You can see this in how the passage begins and ends with a focus on Cather, not the critics.

Answer choice (A) gets this distinction correct. The passage is about how Cather's work can be understand by focusing on narrative and how she can't be pinned down into the novel format. The critics are only discussed in order to explain why Cather's work needs to be approached in a different way.

Ava on December 23 at 06:09PM

That makes a lot more sense. Thank you!

Ravi on January 16 at 10:46PM

@shafieiava, let us know if you have any questions!