The information in the passage best supports which one of the following assertions?

Ava on December 22, 2019

Answer choice E

I'm having trouble finding where in the text there is evidence to support the assumption/extension made in answer choice E. Can someone please explain why it's the correct answer? Thank you.

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Annie on December 23, 2019

Hi @shafieiava,

This question is asking you to find the answer choice which is best supported by the information in the passage as a whole.

Answer (A) is incorrect. This answer choice says that a mathematical theory can only be appealing to individuals who understand the theorems/proofs behind it. This is the exact opposite of what the passage says as it tells us that fractal geometry has captivated the world (line 37).

Answer (B) is incorrect. The passage states that traditional mathematicians are skeptical of fractal geometry's focus on computer images (line 47).

Answer (C) is incorrect. There is no discussion of engineering applications in the passage.

Answer (D) is correct. The final paragraph tells us that fractal geometry has not yet been explained with traditional theorems and proofs, but that it has had lasting effect. This answer choice is just a broader statement of this, making it about all mathematical theories not just fractals.

Answer (E) is incorrect. Lines 47 on discuss "other mathematicians" concerns about fractal geometry, but never state that this is a "significant number" of mathematicians.

Ava on December 23, 2019

Thank you for your explanation.

Would you mind expanding a bit on how answer choice D reflects the idea that "fractal geometry has not yet been explained?" The answer choice uses the phrase "Precise definition of its subject matter" - but it seems from the rest of the passage there is indeed an understanding of fractal geometry as a field in general (for example clear definitions of self-similarity). The only part that makes it unclear that there is a precise definition of the field are when the passage introduces the opposing scientists.

Can you tell me a bit about where in the passage you feel it reflects the notion that the field does not have precise definitions of its subject matter?

Thank you for your time.

Shunhe on January 3, 2020

Hi @shafieiava,

Thanks for the question! I would point you to line 3, where it states that "an exact definition of fractals has not been established." This essentially means that there isn't quite a precise definition of the subject matter of fractal geometry, which is fractals. Hope this helps!