Carla: Professors at public universities should receive paid leaves of absence to allow them to engage in research. ...

Ava on December 24, 2019

Answer choice B

Can someone explain why answer choice B is incorrect? It seems that the the reply from Speaker 2 is in fact taking for granted that the professors only function is teaching (e.g. because research provides other benefits to professors, including helping them become better teachers).


Shunhe on January 2, 2020

Hi @shafieiava,

Thanks for the question. Let's walk through the argument. Carla is saying that professors should get paid leaves of absences so they can research; David objects because he thinks we shouldn't devote resources to professors taking time off from teaching. We're looking for a flaw in David's response. Does David assume that the only function of a university professor is teaching? Not necessarily. He just says that professors shouldn't be paid when they take time off from teaching, which he seems to think is a more important function. He doesn't, however, need to claim that it's the ONLY function a professor can have, just that it's the only function for which they should be paid. This is why (B) is incorrect. Hope this helps!