Editorial: It is a travesty of justice, social critics say, that we can launch rockets into outer space but cannot s...

Ava on December 24 at 05:32PM

Answer choice D

Can someone explain why answer choice D is incorrect?

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Ava on January 2 at 09:15PM

Hi - would it be possible to get an explanation for this question? I am having trouble understanding the correct answer.

Shunhe on January 3 at 12:03AM

Hi @shafieiava,

(D) is wrong because "rocket technology is much simpler than the human psyche" is a premise the editorial uses to support its argument, not part of the argument the author opposes. The author's big picture argument is that social critics are wrong in saying that space launches are harder than ending social problems. Why? Because the author believes that rocket technology is much simpler than the human psyche, which we don't understand, and without understanding it, we can't solve social problems. Since the editorial relies on this premise, (D) must be wrong. Hope this helps!

on June 10 at 09:48AM

Please could you explain why the answer is not C - how is this not part of the conclusion? Please could you further explain why the answer is E? Thank you so much!