Columnist: Many car manufacturers trumpet their cars' fuel economy under normal driving conditions. For all three of ...

tomgbean on December 24, 2019


Why is B wrong?

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shunhe on January 1, 2020

Hi @tomgbean,

Does the argument presume that driving conditions are THE SAME in EVERY geographic region? Not necessarily. (B) definitely pales when compared to (A). Remember that we need to be looking for what makes the reasoning of the columnist's argument the MOST vulnerable, and (B) is a pretty big stretch. We don't really have any evidence that suggests that (B) is an assumption the author makes, and it's actually too broad of an assumption because of the words "the same" and "every" (for her argument, does the columnist really need to presume that driving conditions are the same in Alaska and the Rocky Mountains if she lives in Minnesota?). Keep an eye out for extreme words in answer choices. Hope this helps!