If exactly two of the paralegals are assigned to the Thompson case, then which one of the following could be the comp...

nivensdc on December 26, 2019

Why Not D?

Can you explain this one?

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Skylar on December 27, 2019

@nivensdc, maybe I can help.

(B) and (C) are eliminated because if we have either K or L as the lone assignment to R, that leaves 4 variables to place. We know exactly 2 must go to T, which leaves exactly 2 to go in S. Under these conditions, it would be impossible to have either F or G as the sole assignment to a case, because there is no alone spot left. This violates Rule #2.

(D) and (E) are eliminated because they also violate Rule #2, which states that either F or G (but not both) must be the sole assignment to a case. We know that there are exactly 2 assignments to T, and both (C) and (D) assign exactly 2 variables to R. Therefore, neither F nor G can be assigned to T or R as a sole paralegal. This leaves S. However, Rule #3 tells us that H is assigned to S, so it would be impossible for F or G to be the sole assignment there either.

(A) is correct. Here is one valid scenario where G is the complete assignment to R and T has exactly two assignments.
R: G

Does that make sense? Let us know if you have any other questions or would like a more in-depth explanation of the setup of this game.