If Nation X exports soybeans and tea, then which one of the following could be true?

Mark-Livecchi on December 26, 2019

Question 19

Instructor states via deduction that z gets rice. Could you please explain. Thank you

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SamA on January 7, 2020

Hello @Mark-Livecchi,

Keep in mind that we have 6 spots and 5 items for export. All 5 items must be exported by at least 1 country. So, how many can be exported by more than one country? Just 1.

For example:

S S O R T W fills up all six spots. Only S is duplicated.

S S O O R T W means that one variable would be left out. Two sets of duplicates is not possible. Make sure you pay attention to your quantities.

19 tells us that Nation X exports soybeans and tea. What rules come into play?

We know that Nation Y must also export soybeans. We know the following:

X: S T
Y: S _
Z: _ _

There are two ways to make the deduction that Z gets rice. First, if Y were to get rice, then X and Z both get tea, according to rule three. This leaves us with two sets of duplicates, S and T, which is not possible. This means that Z is the only available spot for rice.

Second, remember that wheat and oranges must be separated.

X: S T
Y: S W/O
Z: W/O R

The second export for Y must be reserved for either wheat or oranges. This leaves Z as the only country that could export rice.