It can be inferred from the passage that the author presumes which one of the following to be true?

Anonymous on December 27 at 05:07PM


Why is B incorrect? There appears to be support for B in lines 36-40 and the first sentence of the final paragraph.

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Shunhe on January 1 at 01:49AM

Hi @Lena-Chan,

(B) is incorrect because although lines 36-40 discuss this theory, it's actually presented as Carroll and Chen's innovation. However, the passage doesn't indicate whether or not the author actually supports this view or not. Although the author presents their theory, we can't assume that she presumes their theory to be true, which is why we can't just yet pick (B). (C) is a better answer here, as it is a scientific fact that the author relies upon right before the lines you mention. Hope this helps!

Filippo on June 18 at 01:25PM

Hi @Shunhe, but wouldn't a hot and dense state represent high entropy? I thought that a cold, empty space had low entropy, not a hot and dense one. Could you please explain? Thank you!

Alex Wednesday at 12:44PM

@Filippo, I believe lines 30-36 will help you understand the reasoning behind choosing (c).