Each of the many people who participated in the town's annual spring cleanup received a community recognition certifi...

JShahar on December 29, 2019

Please explain.

Could you please explain why (B) is correct and why (C) is incorrect? Thank you.

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Skylar on January 14, 2020

@JShahar, happy to help.

P: SC -> CRC
P: SC and DAF were held at the same time
C: SC - some - not ATAC

We may notice a gap in logic here. How do we define and determine who is/is not active in the town's artistic circles? The correct answer will clarify this.

(C) can be diagrammed as: DAF -> not CRC. This means DAF -> not SC. The issue here is that there is no explicit connection made between DAF and ATAC. Since the conclusion made in the passage is focused only on the category of not ATAC, (C) is irrelevant and incorrect.

(B) can be diagrammed as: CRC - some - not ATAC. In combining this with our first premise, we get: SC -> CRC - some - not ATAC. This allows us to make the conclusion seen in the passage, and therefore fills the gap in logic and is correct.

Does that make sense? Please let us know if you have any other questions!