If neither Lorilou nor VELSOR offers 5-year bonds, then which one of the following must be true?

Tyler on December 31 at 04:48AM

Please explain

I may just be tired today, but can you explain why A is incorrect. I narrowed it down to either G or R can be doubled. Can we not have S and G in both? Thus leaving R out? Why must R be in both? Thank you.

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Tyler on December 31 at 05:03AM

I figured it out. It has to do with the fact that there can only be 4 in 5 year bonds and 4 in 10 year bonds. If you select S and G for both then you end up with 5 Year:HSG and 10 year: LVRSG. Therefore since R must already be in 10 year bonds because of the last rule (L10 - R10) you must select R5 in order to maintain 4 in each type of bond. No need to respond. Thank you. (unless I'm completely wrong of course)