Which one of the following most accurately describes the author's attitude toward the conclusions that Olsen reaches?

M-Howard on January 1, 2020

Please explain

Can someone explain the direct sentence that relates to the answer of implicit endorsement? Thanks!

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shunhe on January 6, 2020

Hi @M-Howard,

Thanks for the question. I wouldn't really say there's a single sentence that we can point to that tells us the author's attitude is one of implicit endorsement. Rather, it's little hints and clues throughout the passage that help us come to this conclusion. In the first sentence, for example, the author describes Olsen's analysis as "careful," and the rest of the passage uncritically presents Olsen's arguments. Thus, though the author doesn't explicitly agree with Olsen's arguments, there does seem to be a kind of implicit endorsement in the passage. Hope this helps!