The last paragraph most strongly supports which one of the following statements?

tomgbean on January 1, 2020


Please explain why C is wrong? The bean counters change their formulas without notifying their consumers and do not think their consumers will notice...

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SamA on January 2, 2020

Hello @tomgbean,

The problem with C is that the perfume corporations are not necessarily ignoring the customers' desires. Rather, I got the impression that the corporations pay great attention to what the customers want, in order to maximize profits. The issue, according to the author, is that these corporations use cheap imitations of quality ingredients, hoping to fool people into thinking they got what they wanted. In order to do this, the companies would have to be paying attention to consumer demands.

The stronger point in this last paragraph is that a profitable perfume is not the same as a high quality perfume. "Fine perfume is now hopelessly entangled with the international cosmetic dollar, and ill-served by marketing and public relations." The author seems to believe that mass production to a wide customer base has ruined the artistic nature of perfume making. This is best expressed by B.