Peter: Recent evidence suggests that moderate alcohol consumption has certain beneficial effects on health. In partic...

Cirrus on January 2, 2020

Why is D the correct answer?

I agree that it's a flaw that they switch from moderate alcohol consumption to general but could you explain how that is correct over answer C? Thanks!

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on January 2, 2020

Hello @cjahangiri,

Peter never argues that moderate alcohol consumption is the best way to create an inhospitable environment for bacteria. He doesn't say that moderate alcohol consumption is the most beneficial. This is why C doesn't matter. There could be a more beneficial substance, but it wouldn't affect Peter's argument. He simply argues that it is beneficial.

It seems that you understand the real flaw, which is that Peter makes a claim about alcohol in general. This is not supported by the premise about moderate consumption of alcohol.

Cirrus on January 2, 2020

Thank you! So going forward I should stick to only what is mentioned in the passage.

on January 2, 2020

Absolutely, you should focus on what the argument says specifically. Thank you for your question.