A science class stored one selection of various fruits at 30 degrees Celsius, a similar selection in similar conditio...

cjahangiri on January 3, 2020

How is C better than B?

The answer makes sense that it wasn't inclusive of a broad range of temperatures but I felt it was given that they wouldn't want to store food in extremely hot temperatures!

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SamA on January 17, 2020

Hello @cjahangiri,

Good question! This is a pretty common trick that they will use in logical reasoning. Among the answer choices, they will include a flaw that sounds very plausible. At a closer look, you will realize that they already accounted for that flaw in the stimulus. This is the problem with answer choice B. They did not ignore factors such as humidity and sunlight because they used "similar conditions." This means the only factor that they are changing is the temperature.

The real problem with this conclusion is the broad conclusion based on only three temperature zones. What if at 0 degrees the fruit loses freshness quickly? We don't know, so we can't make the given conclusion.