So far this summer there has been no rain in the valley. But usually a few inches of rain fall there each summer. Sin...

rpark on January 4, 2020

Please Explain

Why is it C and not A

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SamA on January 5, 2020

Hello @rpark,

The stimulus states that it will "probably rain in the valley within the next week." This claim is made based on the average rain from each summer in the valley. It seems that you understand the flaw in this argument.

The difference between C and A comes down to "probably" vs. "may be." It is perfectly reasonable to say that there may be errors in the remaining pages. It is certainly possible, which is why A is not flawed.

To suggest that there are "probably" a few errors in the last chapter is a misuse of averages, just like the error made in the stimulus.

Pay close attention to statements of probability. The LSAT will often check your understanding of "likely," "unlikely," and "probably." If a conclusion contains one of these terms, make sure it is justified.