In the passage, the author makes which one of the following claims?

Ava on January 4 at 07:50PM

Answer choice C

I understand why answer choice E is correct and the text evidence used to support it (lines 47-51) but I got tripped up on the word innovation in the answer choice, which is why I ended up choosing answer choice C. I felt that the text does suggest that new employees might unintentionally violate the injunction in the day to day of their new jobs. Can someone explain why answer choice C is wrong? Is it that it is too broad and not specifically supported by a set of lines in the text? Thanks in advance.

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Zach on June 11 at 02:20PM

I'm having the same issue as well. Can someone help?

Avi on June 25 at 02:03AM

Same. Please respond!

Filippo on June 25 at 02:24PM

Same here!!! ^^^

on October 14 at 12:30AM

Same, can someone please respond? Thank you