In which one of the following is the use of cotton fibers or cotton cloth most analogous to Kingston's use of the Eng...

shafieiava on January 4, 2020

Approach to this question

Can someone explain how they would approach this question and how to arrive at the correct answer? Would this be considered an extension/application question?

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shunhe on May 13, 2020

Hey @shafieiava,

We’re asked to find a situation most analogous to Kingston's use of the English language as described in lines 51-55, so we should go to those lines. In those lines, we're told that Kingston's invests idiomatic English with the texture and qualities of the Chinese language. So she's simulating the Chinese language with English; she's using Chinese characteristics in English to give it a Chinese feel, and this is similar to what happens in (B). One kind of cloth is weaved in a special way to make it feel like another, in the same way that English is used in a special way to make it feel like Chinese. What’s important here is to think about what the important characteristics of the original example are and how the pieces are being used, and try to get something as close as possible in the answer choices.

Hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.